Tim JenningsTim Jennings was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago where he developed a taste for urban slang, gang violence, and life on the streets. In 2002, he relocated to Los Angeles where he can regularly be seen at iO West performing with Operocka and Trophy Wife. Past writing credits include X-Play on G4, and Mind of Mencia for Comedy Central. He is currently head writer for The Soup’s Blog on E!.
Kevin McShaneKevin McShane is a native of Bethesda, MD. While at Oberlin College, he co-founded the long-running improv comedy group The Sunshine Scouts. He earned an MFA in Film at Florida State, where he won several Student Emmys for his work in front of and behind the camera. These days, he can be seen in other long-running LA improv comedy shows Trophy Wife and Middle Seat, and is currently a video producer at BuzzFeed.
David ParkDavid Park was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. A graduate of Colgate University, he performed with the improv group Charred Goosebeak. He has studied at iOwest, The Second City and UCB and performs regularly in such groups as Dr. God, Trophy Wife, and The Friday Forty. He has written for and/or appeared on IFC, AMC, Comedy Central and the TV Guide Network.

Former Hordesmen: Andy Trask, Brendan McLoughlin, Thomas Middleditch